What is editable in a Store?

A registration store has the following editable components;

  • Header graphic, background, - see section on Event registration creative
  • The store description
  • Each product within a store has a product title and product description
  • Within each product, the admission has an admission title and admission description
  • Within each product, the items have an item title and an item description
  • Admission/Item price
  • Admission/Item Tax name/rate and tax amount
  • Quantities of available items for selection

What is editable in the Registration section?

Registration section has the following editable components;

  • Additional details - profiling questions for attendees

What URL is visible?

The URL format is as follows: [Organisation Sub-domain].rego.live (eg: jomablue.rego.live or summerroadshow.rego.live).

URL Query string variables can be used to either allocate people to different categories, different events or use different confirmation emails.  For example; a roadshow event could have a single registration page, but depending on the custom URL, we can allocate registrations to individual cities or categories and allow sending of different confirmation emails. 

How do I cancel an order?

Within Jomablue;

  • From the 'Orders' page (located in menu on LHS) find the relevant order
  • Select the 'Cancel Order' button in top rh corner of 'Order Details' page
  • Select refund method (manual refund method would be used for cash onsite) - so credit_card is the default
  • Provide details for 'reason for cancelling the order'
  • Beneath 'Adjustment Fee', this is for cancellation fees - I understand the cut-off date has now passed so these are being handled on a case by case basis. However, if a fee is charged, enter as indicated and label appropriately.
  • Click 'Cancel Order' once above details have been entered.
  • To send this person an invoice (detailing cancellation fee), click 'Send Invoice' button in top rh of page

How do I cancel and transfer a registration?

Within Jomablue;

  • From the 'Orders' page (located in menu on lhs) find the relevant order
  • From the 'Order Details' page select the 'Advanced' tab
  • Locate the person registered within this order that is to be cancelled
  • Next to their name is a small link entitled "Cancel Registration" - select this link
  • Add a notation for the reason of cancellation, eg. Replaced by Joe Bloggs
  • Back on the order details page, beneath 'Ordered Products' click 'copy registration link' and email this to the relevant person to transfer the registration to.
  • This person will then be asked to fill out the registration form as normal