This article provides a brief on the creative assets (images) needed when using event registration features. 

Free  Registration Background
Image Description: The Event Registration Background image is optional and if not supplied a solid background can be used. If no image is to be used we need a solid colour hex.
Image size: 2048px x 2048px
Accepted File type: PNG
File name:
Design suggestion: Background is stretched to fit mobile and desktop devices. So a flat colour or repeating pattern is ideal.
Example image

Registration Store Banner

Image Description: Registration Store Banner is used to identify the event and the specific store.

Image size: 1344px x 200px

Accepted File type: PNG

File name: event_registration_[storename]

Design suggestion: When multiple stores are being used in an event it is suggested

Example image - Default store banner

Example image - Exhibitor store banner

Registration Banner

Image Description: This is suggested as being the same as the generic event store banner.

Image size: 1344px x 100px

Accepted File type: PNG

File name:

Example image - Default store banner

Walk-in Form Header
mage Description: Where free event registration is offered and walk-in (on the day) registration is offered this banner is used for the walk-in form.

Image size: 1800px x 300px

Accepted File type: PNG

File name:

Design suggestion: Full colour Logo, Event Name, background imagery and relevant branding elements.

Example image - walk-in form header