A paid registration journey starts with the selection of the event product followed by the activation of the product. Activation turns the ticket into an event registration. 

1. Select your tickets

A person is directed to an event store via URL which can be hosted on external site. A person chooses from a list of different product or products they wish to purchase. A person may also include any additional items they wish to purchase with each product (merchandise, additional tickets). With each product selection, a person clicks 'add to order' to add this product to their overall order for purchase, clicking 'add more products' if purchasing multiple tickets. 

2. Review your order

Once all products have been added, a person clicks 'proceed & review order' to view an Order Summary. The order summary displays a list of all the products selected by a person, with the option to remove any of the products at this stage. A total order amount is displayed beneath the listed products. To proceed to checkout, a person clicks 'Confirm and Pay'

3. Checkout

The person making the purchase of the products completes their billing details, billing address, and payment details. Once these details are entered, T&Cs must be accepted before the payment can then be made by clicking 'submit payment'. Upon successful payment, an email will be sent to the purchasers billing email address with an invoice and registration link(s) for the product(s) purchased.

4. Activate your tickets

If the person who purchased the ticket(s) is attending the event themselves, they can click 'register and activate this ticket'. In the instance of purchasing multiple tickets, the purchasing person can select which of the tickets is their own ticket to register. The registration links for each of the tickets may be distributed to other people so they can register themselves. To activate/register a ticket, a person must complete their attendee details (first name, last name, email, mobile, etc.). Mandatory fields will be indicated and registration will not progress unless these are completed. Profiling questions may also be asked in the 'additional details' section of registration. A registering person will be asked to confirm their details once entered, and asked to accept further T&Cs before clicking 'submit' to complete their registration process.