If your event allows for walk-in registrations, we will require a forecast of expected numbers so we can plan the physical layout for walk-in registration pods and the number of devices required. In order for walk-ins to be processed in Jomablue, this will require the provision of a walk-in form regardless of whether Jomablue is handling the event registration as a whole.

If you require the use of your own devices for walk-in registration, the following conditions will apply;

  1. There will be an assessment fee to ensure the device is compatible with our registration form and makes requirements.
  2. We require a sample device 3 weeks prior to the event for assessment. This will determine if it meets the required specifications and tests the form submission on the device.
  3. The total number of devices required must be delivered to the Jomablue office 2 weeks before the event for configuration.

Any provided device must meet the following specifications;

  • Latest operating system updates and security patches installed
  • Dual Band Wireless adaptor (2.4ghz and 5 ghz)
  • A minimum of 1280 x 720 display resolution
  • A physical keyboard
  • No restriction on system settings so we have the ability to change screensavers and power settings