The Jomablue Smart Badge is the physical PVC card with an embedded NFC chip in it. Once printed and provided to attendees it becomes their digital business card for use at the event. At the time of printing, it is encoded and linked to the attendee. No personal information is stored on the Smart Badge so presents no privacy risk.


The Smart Badge is used throughout the event. It enables us to measure and track attendee behaviour allowing you to map the attendee journey. The Smart Badge is used in the following examples;

  • Attendees receive their Smart Badge at Event Check-in
  • Exhibitors capture leads by tapping the Smart Badge with a scanning device
  • Attendees check-in to sessions
  • Touchpoint activations e.g. poster/white paper downloads
  • Physical item collection e.g. event satchels
  • Session Related Content e.g. presentation slides

Use with or without a pouch

The Jomablue Smart Badge can either be designed as a standalone badge (clipped to a lanyard) or in conjunction with a pouch. Smart Badge configurations are as follows;

  • One hole punch (centred) for a single lanyard clip (vertical is preferred over horizontal)
  • Two hole punch for dual lanyard clips
  • Inserted into a clear PVC pouch (no holes)

Physical Specification

The Smart Badge is 85.6mm x 54mm + 5mm bleed.

Background Printing

The Smart Badge as a standard is white. It can be manufactured to be a solid colour or to include artwork. Transparencies don't print well on plastic, so the background is best kept to solid colours. 

If planning on printing a background, we allow for 5 weeks from order to event start date for custom manufacturing. Consult with your Project Manager to determine the right option for your event.

What are the different Smart Badge layouts?

A number of different print layout options are available for the Smart Badge. Font size, information displayed and word placement are all customisable. Additionally, there is the option of clipping lanyards directly to the Smart Badge without the need for a badge pouch. See below for examples;