A great way to facilitate call-to-actions, event competitions, or attendee subscriptions to a company mailing list is through Touchpoints. Some examples of typical use-cases for Touchpoints (other than for delivering session content or item collection) are listed below;

  • Send an SMS link to download the event app at the information counter
  • Send an SMS or email with a link to view an event map
  • Provide a tap-to-subscribe to the event/company newsletter or mailing list
  • Provide a download wall for content within your exhibition hall
  • Provide a tap-to-enter draw for prize or competition
  • Provide a tap-to-donate for select charities

Free-standing or static Touchpoints are a great way to encourage attendee interaction with your event and gain a deeper understanding into your attendees' individual journeys across the event. Not only do they improve insights into your event for follow-up sales and marketing strategies, they also add value to your event for the attendees.