A highly valuable use of Touchpoints is to deliver content related to sessions. Content can be delivered via email, SMS, or Cards delivered via a person's Feed within the App. Touchpoint content is a great way to capture a much deeper level of engagement of an attendee, providing a rich data point along that person's journey.

To encourage content demand by attendees we recommend;

  1. When using static (free-standing) Touchpoints, ensure they are well advertised and clear in instruction on how to tap a badge to receive content.
  2. Ensure each speaker providing content includes a holding slide indicating to the audience that content is provided for their session.
  3. If using staff to deliver content via Touchpoints, ensure they are vocal and visible to the audience during and after the session.
  4. To ensure attendees are aware of content delivery via Cards, our approach is to:
  5. Send an SMS upon entry of the first session of the day, informing them that they will receive related content from the sessions via their app feed. 
  6. From this point onward, all related content will be sent to their feed upon entry into the relevant sessions.

 *If you are not using the Live Engagement App, we recommend you send related content upon session entry via Email.