Below details the roles and responsibilities for onsite staff when using Jomablue at an event.

Event Check-in

GreeterDirect people to event check-in and ensure arrivals have their e-ticket ready
Check-in usher
Manage arrival flow and address bottlenecks

Remind attendees to have their e-ticket ready
e-Ticket scannerScan e-ticket QR code using Jomablue e-ticket scanner

Search for people by First Name, Last Name, or Company from the device

Greet attendees by name where possible

Direct attendees to a printer plinth/pod to retrieve their Smart Badge
Lanyard/Smart Badge distribution
Address attendees by name on badge

Insert/clip Smart Badges to lanyards

Determine lanyard colour from code printed on person's badge

Session Attendance Tracking

Session check-inRecord people's attendance by tapping their Smart Badge using a Jomablue device

A green tick means success. An orange error will appear if a person is not entitled to a session, or if their badge is faulty. In the later scenario, direct the person to the information desk to reprint their badge
Session Related ContentTap attendees' badges if they request session content

Green tick means success. Orange error code will display if no content is available for the session

Greeter - As people enter the event check-in area, it is important to have clear signage and/or staff indicating where attendees should go to check into the event. This is also an opportunity to ask attendees to have their event e-Ticket ready to be scanned. 

E-ticket scanner - Using a Jomablue scanning device, event check-in staff scan attendees' QR codes.  It is important for these staff members to be vocal in letting attendees know they are available and ensure a smooth and speedy arrival process. Staff should look to address people by name to provide a personalised service and offer clear instructions as to which printer/pod an attendee's Smart Badge will be printed from. It is important for check-in staff to keep people moving through check-in to prevent traffic build-up.

Check-in ushers - These staff will be responsible for guiding and managing attendee arrival flow. Attendees should constantly be encouraged to have their e-tickets ready on their phones for scanning and alerted to available scanning staff for check-in. Ushers should also be aware and pro-active in addressing bottlenecks. It is therefore important that these staff are confident, polite, and vocal.

Lanyard/Smart Badge distribution - Once an attendee's badge has been printed, it will be routed to one of the printers. It is the job of the distribution staff to address attendees by the name from the person's badge, clip or insert the badge into a lanyard and politely and quickly usher the person into the event. If different lanyard colours are being used, appropriate colour codes will be displayed in the bottom-right corner of the person's badge.

Session Attendance Tracking

Session check-in - To record session attendance, check-in staff will use a device to tap peoples' Smart Badge. A person's badge is held against the back of the device and a green tick indicates a successful check-in.

Session Related Content - Some sessions will have content available to attendees, such as session white papers, speaker slides, case studies etc. In the case of staff being used to distribute this content, each member will simply tap attendees' Smart Badges and a green tick will confirm the sending of content. If an orange error message should display, it is likely due to there not being any content for that particular session; a message will clearly display if this is the case.

Information Desk

Staff at the information desk will be responsible for entering new attendees into Jomablue as required and/or reprinting people's badges if necessary (name changes, typos, faulty). Info desk staff must have access to Jomablue and have received relevant training on the prior scenarios.

General Event Information

Check-in staff and volunteers are the first-line of defence in answering attendee questions. However, often they are not the ones with answers. Some key information that should be communicated to all staff/volunteers are listed below;

  • Cloak room facilities
  • Overall event structure (agenda, expo hall, after party)
  • Event room locations
  • Where to purchase event tickets/register for the event onsite
  • Public transport options