Add-ons - Event products such as swag, after-party tickets, etc. sold to people already registered for an event.

App - Refers to the mobile App which accompanies an event

Attendee Engagement Scoring - Quantitative framework used to attribute a 'score' to an attendee based on their behaviour at an event.

Attendee Category - Refers to an attendee type, based on communication requirements and client-specific needs

e-Ticket - Attendee's event admission including QR code.


Check-in Content (Upon Entry send) - When an attendee checks into a session you can setup the sending of an email, SMS and/or post a Card within the event App (if in use at the event).

Dynamic survey question - survey questions which are specific to the session checked into by an attendee

Event Check-in - Describes the process of an attendee having their e-ticket scanned and Smart Badge printed.

Event Registration - Refers to the online process of purchasing a ticket and registering for an event

Entry Buffer - The entry buffer is the minutes before a session starts that someone is permitted to check into a session. 

Exit Buffer - The exit buffer is the time after a session is scheduled to end that a person is permitted to exit a session and still be recorded as having been in that session. It will also allow for session related content to remain available for a period of time after the session has finished.

Feed - Refers to an attendees unique activity Feed within the App. Lists announcements, interaction notifications, and content for an attendee.

Item Collection - Mode of Touchpoint which allows for accurate management of physical event item handout/collection

Insights - Refers to all reporting and analysis conducted based on data collected on attendees at an event

Jomablue event portal - Refers to the event platform and control centre for session agenda, attendee records, exhibitor profiles and more. This is where all facets of the event are contained and managed.

Jomablue Smart Badge - Refers to an attendee's name badge containing the technology to unlock interactions at an event.

Lead Capture device - 4G-enabled mobile device used by exhibitors to capture attendee information at an event

Live Analytics Dashboard - Real-time monitor of event operational data i.e. badges printed, session attendance, leads captured, etc.

Networking - Feature of the App that enables event attendees to connect with other attendees

Organisation instance - Refers to the unique domain address created for an organisation within the Jomablue event portal

Radio response type - Single Choice response, i.e. rating 1-5, 'Very good', 'good', 'fair', 'bad', 'very bad'

Registration - Admission - This is the entry to the event. Each product includes 1 admission (entry) only to the event. The admission is assigned 1 or many categories e.g. delegate, exhibitor. An admission has a title e.g. 'Entry' and a description e.g. 'Entry for 1 delegate to Event Leaders Summit 2020'. An admission has a tax name/rate and a tax amount.

Registration - Item - A additional physical item that is available for purchase within a product i.e. party ticket, food voucher, merchandise. Items each have a quantity and a price. Items have a 'min', 'max', and 'default' value.

Registration - Order - Generated after a person has made payment for their product(s). An order contains the purchasing person's billing details and contains multiple products. Order ID is generated internally for tracking orders. A Transaction ID is generated by the payment gateway Braintree and refers to payment only.

Registration - Product - A ticket which includes the admission for 1 person, and lists any available items that may be purchased with this ticket.

Registration/Ticket Activation - A product when purchased is unassigned to a person until it is activated. A 'person' record is only generated when a person registers/activates that product. 

Registration - Store - A domain which lists different products available for purchase by a customer. An event may have multiple, different stores e.g. delegate store, exhibitor store.

Registration - UUID - the UUID is the product's/person's registration number. A UUID is assigned to a person's record only once that person's registration is completed.

Session check-in - refers to the process of tapping attendee badges to check them into a particular session

Session Related Content - Mode of Touchpoint which delivers content specific to a session to attendees upon request

Static survey question - General event questions which are displayed to all attendees

Survey - Refers custom survey sent via SMS to attendees. Dynamic survey refers to survey questions which are specific to an attended session

Touchpoint - Refers to a number of different modes of delivering event content, call to action, and gathering data into attendee behaviour

Vendor portal - Refers to unique portal from where exhibitors are able to create and manage email templates

Walk-in Form - Online form completed onsite when registering for the event