This article details the requirements for the tracking of registrations through Jomablue Free Registration and Jomablue Paid Registration. 

Jomablue Registration has the optional feature to accept URL parameters for the purpose of identifying the source marketing campaigns for specific event registrations. The inclusion of campaign parameters within Jomablue Registration URLs, allows you to collect information and measure the overall effectiveness of those campaigns. To learn about how this information is reported and displayed, see our article on Jomablue Insights. When a potential customer clicks a registration link contained within a marketing eDM, social media campaign, or personal invite, the parameters included within each of those registration links are passed through to Jomablue. If using Jomablue Free Registration, the URL parameters will be stored against the person record; if Jomablue Paid Registration is used, the parameters will be stored against the order.

URL Formatting


Simple parameters;!/?reg_campaign=spring&reg_medium=edm01

Advanced parameters;!/?reg_campaign=spring20&reg_medium=emailinvite&reg_marketingid=7718999211&reg_visitorid=7712-988123-91817

In the 'simple' example above, the parameter indicates that the campaign this link refers to is 'spring' and that the medium is 'edm01'. If using Free Registration, both these parameters would be saved against the person's record;

If using Paid Registration, parameters passed will be stored against the order. Jomablue can provide a report on the Order Parameters upon request (not yet available within Jomablue).  

If you are passing multiple parameters (as in the 'Advanced' example), separate each parameter with an ampersand symbol: https://{URL_of_registration_form}/?key=value&key=value&key=value 
(more info can be found here:

Further Requirements

  • The URL Parameters MUST be formatted correctly and the parameter must contain a value - failure to do so will result in an error and the user will be unable to submit the form.
  • The parameter tracking feature must be enabled before any URL parameters will be accepted. Parameters cannot be retrospectively collected.
  • The registration link will be visible to the end user and must be considered as 'publicly viewable'(including recorded in server logs); do not include any sensitive information within the link (such as lead qualifying status)
  • Use consistent naming convention with your parameters across all campaigns. This will improve the correlation and display of data for reporting and dashboard purposes.
  • You can review custom field Insights under Insights in Jomablue
  • All parameters will be saved against a person or an order. If a parameter doesn't add value to marketing campaigns, don't include it within the URL.
  • We recommend using no more than 10 URL parameters
  • If you do not have your own specific nomenclature for existing campaigns, we suggest prefixing parameters with 'reg_', for example;!/?reg_campaign=spring&reg_medium=edm01