One of the key functions of Lead Capture is the ability for exhibitors/sponsors onsite to be able to export a CSV file with their leads captured at the event. The default configuration for the export CSV file is as follows;

Export Fields

The information contained in the export is as outlined below. It is not possible to remove any of the following fields from the export. 

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Job Title
  • Company
  • Mobile Number
  • Notes (any notes recorded on the lead capture device at the time the lead is captured)
  • Date Created (date and time of lead first captured)
  • Date Update (date and time of lead last updated, eg: added notes)
  • If optional tags are used, each tag will be contained in a column prefixed with "TAG:" and the tag name
    eg:  TAG:Hot or TAG:Warn
  • If the optional email sent features are configured then additional columns will be in the export. An additional column will be added for each email setup. The column name will be prefixed with "EMAIL:" and the name of the email
    eg: EMAIL:More info email or EMAIL:Pricelist email

Optional Configuration of Vendor Lead Export

An optional feature is to extend the default layout of the vendor lead export to include custom field information recorded at the event person record. This is a global setting and is set on a per-event basis. The default setting is set to exclude custom information.

Upon request, we can configure lead exports to include person custom fields as separate columns within the lead export CSV file. An example of the custom fields 'postcode' and 'state' are shown below;

Note: If a lead captured does not have the information for that custom field, the cell will be blank

Important things to note:

  • The export contains a CSV file and contains no formatting
  • Data contained in the CSV is the data provided to Jomablue.
  • After column 'I', the column layout is dynamic depending on configuration of a particular lead capture device (TAG and EMAIL columns will be specific to what an exhibitor has setup on their profile)