A key area for determining attendee engagement, as well as providing real-time visibility over the performance of your event, speakers and content is Session Attendance Management. If you are providing CPE/CPD points based on session attendance, or your organisation relies heavily on accurate data captured onsite, ensuring your agenda is planned accordingly is crucial. The crux of collecting session attendance data involves tapping attendees' Smart Badges in order to record them as having attended a session. With this in mind, we recommend following the below points when planning your session agenda;

  1. Ensure session start and end times and room locations are up to date within Jomablue
  2. Ensure adequate staff have been provided for session checkin
  3. Ensure adequate entry buffer times have been set for sessions, to permit the early arrival of some attendees
  4. Where consecutive sessions run back-to-back, we recommend either of the following management processes
    • Request all remaining attendees to exit the room and re-enter, thus tapping their badges for the subsequent session
    • Hold the doors for the subsequent session until a check-in staff has tapped the badges of all attendees remaining within the room
  5. For sessions with related content, ensure adequate exit buffer times have been allowed for. This will permit people to receive content after a session has finished.