Jomablue Event Kit is a self contained kit used for badge or badgeless check-in to events. It is managed via the Jomablue Lite iPad app.

The kit contains: 

  • 2 iPad Mini - complete with the Jomablue Lite app
  • 2 Battery powered printers
  • Cellular connectivity (Global Roaming available on request)

The kit is designed to work without any dependence on the venue, which means no internet connections or power sources are required. Simply turn on and get started.

Jomablue Lite has the option to print paper badges or work in badgeless mode. 

Jomablue Lite is designed to work in conjunction with Jomablue Portal on the Web. We recommend having a laptop nearby for edits and adding new people, as it's generally easier via the web than using the iPad keyboard. 

Kit Dimensions

The Event Kit is contained inside a hard exterior case. It is approximately the size of standard carry on luggage.

Case dimensions: 56 x 31 x 24cm.
Weight: 12.5 KG

Battery Power

Both the iPads and the printers run on battery power and will last at least 10 hours of moderate use.
We recommend charging both iPads and Printers in the evenings before the next event day. 

Paper Stock

Currently Jomablue Lite supports the following paper types. These paper types are available from Officeworks (Australia), Staples (USA) and any other good stationery stores:

Using this paper stock the Jomablue Lite app supports badge sizes of:

  • Type A: 62mm W x 30mm H
  • Type B: 62mm W x 45mm H
  • Type C: 62mm W x 55mm H
  • Type D: 62mm W x 65mm H

The labels are cut to size by the printer itself, and catering for 2mm bleed is suggested when designing backing cards.


Live chat support is available within the app. Simply press the help icon after logging in. 

User Accounts

To log into Jomablue Lite you must have a Jomablue account. Jomablue Lite is designed to work in conjunction with Jomablue portal. So you can use the same credentials you used for Jomablue on the web for Jomablue Lite. 


  • For security purposes, there is no possibility to export lists or bulk import people via the iPad app. 
  • Two factor authentication is enabled by default, so your ensure your phone is near when logging into Jomablue Lite. 
  • If a iPad is lost, contact us immediately at and reset your login password. 
  • Always logout of Jomablue Lite when you won't be interacting with Jomablue for some time. 

Reporting and Insights

Jomablue Lite includes a simple, real-time Check-In counter. For all other insights and reporting, please log in to Jomablue Portal. Checking people in to a badgeless event still counts as a "badge print" - therefore all insights and reports in Jomablue will reflect 'Badge Printed' as their badgeless checked-in time. 

Badge Layout Configuration

Badge layouts and configured per iPad - so please ensure you copy any changes to all in-use iPads.
Under Settings > Badge Layout.

Here you can select which order the fields appear in, choose to hide some fields and Bold certain elements.
Available fields for printing on the badge are: 

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Job Title
  • Company

All fields are automatically resized to fit on the badge. In other words, if a name is too long to fit on the badge, the font will be scaled down until the entire name fits within the badge width.